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October 7, 2011, 7:14:55
Melodie RobinsonMelodie Robinson

Melodie Robinson

Introducing Rugbygirl

Posted by Melodie Robinson on 19 December 2010 

Finally someone’s getting behind rugby girls!

There’s a fella in Christchurch called Dave Phillipson who’s partner has a lovely niece who plays girls rugby for her school team in Feilding High. It’s a kick butt team too… unbeaten this season,winning 24 games and thrashing some of New Zealand’s top schools! She’s 15 years old and is lightening fast both at halfback and on the wing.

It just so happens that Dave is the bloke that started out the famous Canterbury CCC label, and so he couldn’t help but notice that the girls, who played just as well as some of the school boys he has seen over the years, had a few hassles getting gear. We’re talking jerseys that look like dresses, or hand me downs from other teams that had been subjected to years of washing machines and mud baths from your typical winter rugby field.

This got him to thinking, why hasn’t anyone produced a full range of rugbywear for girls?

So that’s what he’s doing - . And it’s not just rugby jerseys either.

He’s in the middle of designing rugby jerseys that look flippin’ cool, made with high tech fabrics, cut to fit the odd extra curve that a girl or lady might have.

There will be 18 designs a team can choose from too, so no more tent like jerseys which every dang tackler can grab on to.

Add to that hi cut shorts,fitted socks, protection tops and undershorts, pink balls, pink headgear and pink boots.

He’s got a couple of pretty impressive Black Ferns to help out with the look, feel and design too, both former captains, Farah Palmer and Melissa Ruscoe, both winners of the Rugby World cup.

It’s not just about making money either, Dave is serious about putting some cash back into the game for girls, so wait for that.

Finally what is really interesting about this rugbygirl line is that they’re coming up with a streetwear look too, so that all girls are catered for when it comes to slipping on some funky digs to show who she supports at the world cup next year. Or in bed actually, it’s pretty cheeky, we’ll have more on that later. But think “undies” with a rugby twist.

And no, they don’t come with ruck marks.


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