Sarah Goss
Sarah Goss
Sarah Goss
submitted by rugbygirl
October 7, 2011, 4:59:21

Allow us to introduce Sarah Goss.

Sarah is presently a member of the Manawatu NPC team, and for the past two seasons a member of the successful Aotearoa Maori Womens Sevens team.

Sarah Goss is a briliant young rugby player from Feilding High School. Sarah was the most outstanding school girl rugby player in NZ last year and captain of the amazing Feilding High School Team.


Hi Rugbygirl,

Wow I am very impressed at how much you as a collective group are helping the women's game and especially including FAHS girls rugby team in the process. For me as a player it is amazing to have the support of an up and coming favoured brand and appreciate the work you are doing for women's/girls rugby. If there is also anything you need help with, I will be willing to at any stage or where possible. I will get our coach to fill out the application form and will get back to you in the next couple of days! I also was glad to see Rugbygirl gear in Palmerston North.  

Thanks once again 


Sarah Goss

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