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Just a friendly compliment.
submitted by Patsy Schwalger
October 24, 2012, 23:59:31

Loving the website, and hope that it is reaching the target audience.

It would be awesome to start seeing the RUGBYGIRL logo on every jersey in women's rugby. Even NPC and Blacks Ferns. :)

As a player, and going to be part time for next year due to study.. It really is hard to get the support needed in order to play great rugby and enjoy it. 

I read the article about the NO advertisement of the NPC Women's final on the website. It's attitudes like that that bring this sport down for women. Those teams deserve as much exposure as the men do. Good on yah for mentioning it.

I play for Norths - Northern United in Wellington. And our team have switched the button ON to creating a space where we can start building a more positive environment where new players can start learning the basic and practice them to a 'T'. Haven't been so excited for clubrugby in years. 

We have taken our own approach to recruiting player, seeing as the regions co-ordinator isn't doing much for women's rugby in Porirua. Anyway, its just an idea at the moment but hopefully next season our women's team can host our local colleges and run a few workshops. Fundamentals are key in order to play great footy. So hopefully our team can organise that for our local colleges as they feed players into the club - (All this during our preseason) And hopefully this will help improve their own game and see them go further in college rugby.


Ideas like this one I think need to be run by the local women's teams and more often. It doesn't require anything fancy - just a field, a few rugby balls, cones and girls who want to learn.


Anyway, thats my two cents of womens rugby in Wellington. I hope this foundation keeps going the way it is, and hopefully we can get our team to Rio 2016 and return back with the gold!

Keep up the good work. And love the gear, even though I'm not a huge fan of pink.

Kind Regards,

Patsy Schwalger.


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