Sarah Fearless

Age: 22

Favourite team: All Blacks

Team playing for: FAHS Girls XV and Feilding Old Boys Oroua Womens Team

Representative teams: Manawatu Representative 2009,2010 & 2011 NPC Trial 2011

National teams: None Yet

Favourite position: Favourite Position is Prop the only position I've really played but I like been able to get physical in the Scrum, Drives and Rucks and Mauls. I like lifting in the lineouts both front and back.

When and why you started playing rugby: Started Feilding High School in 2009 was going to continue playing the sport I knew best soccer but at Pe one day Mr Robert Jones ( Coach and Teacher ) said to me are you going play rubgy this year... I wasn't to sure on this idea but I went along to training all shy and nervous not knowing what I was doing at all. This would have been the biggest change in my life I would not go back in time and change a thing I've now been rugby for three years and love it.

Most memorable rugby moment: My most memorable moment would have to be going down South in 2010 and winning the South Island Tournament. Playing 8 games and scoring 300 points and having none scored against as makes it a memory that will never be forgotten. Also when the tournament ended there was a few of our team named in the tournament team I was one of them and it was a huge surprise. Sarah Goss (Gossie) was named tournament player, I look up to Gossie she is an excellent leader and helped me a lot in my 1st few years of rugby. Another memory that is great was winning hurricanes champions three years in a row and been involved in all those games makes it something special.

Your rugby icon: Mr Robert Jones is an inspiration to Girls rugby at FAHS as a coach he gets involved at training is never afraid to tell you the honest truth of what you need to do. This is a great thing to have such a passionate coach that never wants to give up on us. Prepares us as best he can and most of the time we give him the success he deserves for putting the long hard hours he does in to our team. He has developed me as a player and made me who I am and I am thankful for that

Most respected opponent: Players I look up to are Sarah Goss, Carrie Lobb and Jaymi Ngaia these three players are all willing to help me learn and are all positeve role models.

Other interests/sports: Soccer, Photography, any sport that isnt cricket or tennis boring !!!

What you still want to achieve with rugby: I'm still young and have a long life ahead of me I want to represent New Zealand and become a Black Fern one day I also want to travel to England and represent my Mum's home country either Professional in the England women’s team or just at semi pro level I know this won't be easy and as a player I know I need to work on my fitness levels to achive the goals I have in mind.

Other Info: I would like to make a big thanks to Rugby Girl (Dave and Dina) for their contributions to our team and the continuing support of coming to our games and the memories we share and believing in our FAHS Girls XV

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