Sarah Goss

Age: 25

Favourite team: Black Ferns, AllBlacks

Team playing for: Feilding Old Boys Oroua club

Representative teams: Manawatu Secomdary School Girls 2007-2010 Hurricanes Secondary School Girls 2008 Manawatu NPC 2010-2011

National teams: Aotearoa Maori Womens Sevens Team 2010-2011

Favourite position: First 5: I like to have control of the game, to make effective decisions that will benefit my team. Fullback: I like that I am able to have space when I run and I also enjoy the counter attack side.

When and why you started playing rugby: I started playing rugby in 2006 when I was 13, my first year at high school, the only reason I started is because a lot of my friends were going so I thought I would to.

Most memorable rugby moment: : When I captained the Manawatu secondary schools team in 2010, that won not only our first game on tournament in the Hurricanes regional competition in 10 years, but we also ended up winning the whole competition without any points scored against us

Your rugby icon: My rugby icon is Farah Palmer. I have always looked up to her as she has achieved so much, captaining the Black Ferns to 3 world cups. She is hard working and is a positive role model.

Most respected opponent: My most respected opponent would have to be Shakira Baker. She is so talented but also a good friend of mine.

Other interests/sports: I am interested in all types of sports; I also like to shear sheep competitively.

What you still want to achieve with rugby: My two main goals is: 1. to make the Black Ferns, 2. to make the Olympic sevens team in 2016.

Other Info:

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