Marama Davis

Age: 23

Favourite team: All Blacks

Team playing for: Manurewa Womens Rugby, Manurewa Womens rugby League

Representative teams: 2006-Counties Goldfields Rugby 2007-Rollermills Rugby 2008-2010-Counties Secondary School Girls 2008-2010-Northern Region Girls Secondary Schools Rugby 2010-Auckland (Storm) Women's Rugby 2010-Collage Rifles Womens 7s 2011-knee op (Out due to injury) ACL-MCL-PCL-Total knee reconstruction 2012 Aotearoa Womens 7s 2012 Counties Manukau womens 7s 2012 Auckland Womens 7s

National teams: NZPan Pacific Athletics, NZ-U19 Womens Touch, NZ-OPEN Womens (TouchBlacks)

Favourite position: 15s i like to play fullback Free space to run all over the field. Am a utility position back dont mind any of the other positions in the backline although i did play both centre postitions & winger at school

When and why you started playing rugby: Basically my situation panned out like this... I was the only girl growing up on my street had 2 brothers 1 older the other younger, we lived a stones throw away from mountfort park (Manurewa Rugby) turf. I spent my entire childhood life growing up & kicking around there. We played with & against all the local boys which were my brothers friends who lived in the area. At the park we played 20 aside on 20, now can you imagine yourself finding a gap in that? Basically this is where i actually got a rough idea on how to step (sidestep). We always Versed each other at who had the meanest step back then, was quite funny now when i look back on it. I was the only girl that played among them boys & stepping in our neighborhood was actually the thing to get into. And most of the boys there were really good at it. And it was actually their thing they got into, but i ended up making it my thing by the time i got older.I played with these boys all my childhood days, Some of them i ended up going through rep level system with them, Most in Touch some in Rugby Union, & others through Rugby League. Definitly fond memory's ill never forget

Most memorable rugby moment: Winning the Shield at the Goldfields rugby tournament in Te Aroha Waikato heartland country, we played Western Bay of plenty in the Final they had held that sheild for the last 8 years & won it back to back. Was soo proud because our Counties team played 11 games won 11 lost none throughout that year. Why this tournament stood out for me was because Counties had not won that shield in the last 20years i was the only girl in the tournament

Your rugby icon: Huriana Manuel -rugby Renee Wickliff -rugby Joanne Watmore -Rugby7s (England) Carla Hohepa-rugby In Rugbyleague my absolute idol is Sarina Fiso who i play outside of. she is mean to watch love how she slices through defense like a hot knife through butter... Always wished she'd come play 7s

Most respected opponent: Renee Wickliff , Sarina Fiso are both

Other interests/sports: Rugby7s -Athletics - Touch - Rugby League - Tag , force down , gutter ball , chess, HATES NETBALL, HATES CRICKET, HATES SOCCER...PERIOD!!!

What you still want to achieve with rugby: Had dreams when i was kid of attending the Olympics doing 100m sprints.. As i got older i left athletics and leaned more toward touch which took up 80% of my summer sport time, which meant i took the choice & cut out athletics altogether which was a shame. Now i i hear womens 7s is going to be at olympics 2016. I love Rugby & i love sevens even more. These 2 go hand in hand for me & i will surely be doing my utmost effort to get my body prepared & in-contention for selection cant wait

Other Info:

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