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Age: 15

Favourite team: All Blacks

Team playing for: Battle Ground All Blacks

Representative teams: Battle Ground All Blacks - first year 2013

National teams:

Favourite position: I play sevens at the moment, because I'm in 4th grade and we only play 2 hand touch. But my favorite position is 8 man because that is the position my big sister played.

When and why you started playing rugby: I just started playing this year, 2013. My big brother and big sister both played rugby. Now it's my turn.

Most memorable rugby moment:

Your rugby icon:

Most respected opponent:

Other interests/sports: I play basketball, track, unicycle, roller blade, swim, and work with the physically disabled kids in my school. I also enjoy my church youth group.

What you still want to achieve with rugby: I have a long time but I think I'd like to play rugby in college. Maybe even go PRO!!

Other Info:

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